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Your Major and Planning for the Job Market of the Future

Posted by Kelly Hart on Jan 4, 2018 11:14:00 AM
Kelly Hart

There is a lot to think about when you first get to college: how to find your way around campus, figuring out your class schedule, making new friends. But maybe the most important thing all first year students need to think about is a major. Figuring out your major early on helps determine what the next four years of your life at Westfield State University will look like. And for a lot of students, a major depends on the job market. That’s where we can help. Read on for our guide on how to plan for tomorrow, now.

the future: do your research

Step 1: Do Your Research

There are a lot of ways you can figure out which jobs are in-demand and how your major can be an asset to that career field. However, the quickest way to find out this information, espcially at a local level, is at the Career Center. There, advisors can connect you with data from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics that can show you career growth, average salary info, and more. You can also take quizzes to see which major would most align with your interests and strengths.

Check out more Career Center resources available to you.

the future: think outside the box

Step 2: Think Outside The Box

It can be easy to have a “set” career path, but keeping an open mind open might lead you down a more rewarding road. Two of the most in-demand jobs of the future are also two majors growing in popularity at Westfield State. The Social Work and Regional Planning departments have both been on the rise thanks to population growth and changes in the economy and employment. Both of these departments offer students the chance to work directly with communities and develop strong interpersonal skills. A big draw for both of these majors is the course offerings. Regional planning is essentially a combination of design and geography while Social Work offers hybrid classes where students split time between online studies and on-campus work.

Learn more about both the Regional Planning and Social Work departments here.

How to choose the right college

Step 3: Go Beyond An Undergrad Degree

The market place is competitive. Employers are looking for candidates that can go above and beyond the call of duty. A great way to show that you have the skills and drive needed to succeed is with a Graduate Degree. Westfield State has over 730 students enrolled in Graduate programs that range from Psychology to Criminal Justice. But just like the job market, Graduate school can be flooded with tons of applicants, so the sooner you prepare yourself the better. Think about connecting with advisors now so you can be prepared four years down the road.

Check out our tips to getting ready for Graduate School as an undergrad.

Remember, the foundation of a strong career is a strong education. And connecting with the right resources at Westfield State early on can help you prepare for a successful life after college.

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