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Why You Want To Take Summer Classes At Westfield State

Posted by Kelly Hart on May 12, 2017 2:10:01 PM
Kelly Hart

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Summer is just around the corner and while for many students that can mean a break in between classes, many students opt for a summer semester. Besides potentially helping you earn your degree faster, there are several reasons why a student choose a summer course or two. Read on below to learn more about the benefits of a summer semester at Westfield State.

Timing - Summer courses are shorter; they typically only last six weeks each. You can take two different sessions during June-August. Since the course length is shorter, you’ll learn more in a condensed number of days, and spend more time in the classroom. Added bonus, you’ll end up getting even more face time with your instructor.

Size - Traditionally, many students take a break from school during the summer months. They often return home or head out for a vacation. This means summer class sizes are smaller. You won’t end up being another faceless name on the attendance sheet. Instead, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with your fellow students and professors in a way that might not be available to you during the regular fall/spring schedule.

Focus - We get it. There’s a lot going on every semester. Between your course work, social life, job and everything else you have going on, it can be easy to fall behind. Summer classes give you the perfect opportunity to hone in on a single course for six weeks at a time. That will be the only class you have to study and prep for. You’ll have the chance to focus on a particularly tough class, or even get ahead in your degree program. It will be one extra class you can “check off” and not have to worry about during the fall or spring.

Commute - Summer classes are a great option for students who live in the area, but attend college somewhere else during the regular semester. It’s a chance to pick up a few credits while you are home for the summer break. Just don’t forget to make sure to check with your college to make sure that your credits will be transferable prior to enrolling in your summer class.

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Summer classes are a great and easy way to get some extra time in the classroom either working ahead or catching up in an area you might be struggling in. Thanks to the shorter course time, you can even fit in a great summer vacation!

To learn more about Westfield State summer classes, click here.

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