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Why Choose A Liberal Arts Degree?

Posted by Kelly Hart on Feb 28, 2019 4:13:00 PM
Kelly Hart


Asking a bunch of high school seniors what they want to do for the rest of their lives can be pretty tricky. On the one hand, they are about to start a brand new chapter in their education that will hopefully set them on the right path for years to come. On the other hand, they're still trying to figure things out. How could they know what degree they will want to hold in four years or what job they will want to spend the next forty years doing? Opinions, needs, and likes are constantly changing, and so is the world. What is a highly sought after job today might not be that in-demand tomorrow. That’s where the benefits of a liberal arts degree come in.

A liberal arts degree offers you generalized study in a variety of courses with a concentration in specific areas of interest. You’ll get to learn a little, or a lot, about mathematics, philosophy, communication, arts, economics, and more. A liberal arts degree isn’t intended to train you for one specific career but provide you with the skills, knowledge, and background that you can take to any job.

But what about choosing a major, learning the proper skills to get a job or becoming an “expert” in your field? A liberal arts education comes with all of that and can play a huge role when choosing the right college for you. Yes, you will still have to pick a particular major and study courses that fall in line with that program. But you’ll also get to add in subjects to round out your education. You’ll learn critical thinking, communication and analytical thinking skills that can be applied in any job. When an employer is considering hiring a job applicant, they look at the entire picture: is this person qualified and are they able to learn more on the job? Part of earning a liberal arts degree is gaining the ability to grow in your field. The creative thinking that comes from such a wide breadth and depth of knowledge allows you to constantly adapt and keep up with the changing job world.

Students who are interested in pursuing a liberal arts degree should consider attending a state university to be more budget-friendly without sacrificing any educational value or "college life experiences.” To find out more about Westfield State’s tuition and financial aid options, click here

Liberal arts degrees go beyond just preparing you for one job. They teach you invaluable skills and life lessons that will prepare you for changing economic trends and job markets.

Still not sure if you should choose a liberal arts degree? Take this quiz and see what your personality says about the right career for you!


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