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What You Need To Know If You Don’t Know Your Major

Posted by Kelly Hart on Jan 12, 2018 11:03:00 AM
Kelly Hart

It’s your first semester at Westfield State and everything is going great. You’ve made a ton of new friends, joined a few clubs and already know your way around campus. There’s just one thing: You can’t decide on a major. Don’t worry. You’re not the only student out there facing the same dilemma. But that doesn’t mean you should start panicking and just pick any random degree. You might not know what you want your major to be, but you should know that you have time and options. Let us explain.

Westfield's career center faculty is here to help

It might feel like you’re the only student without a major on campus. Relax, that’s not true. Most students don’t declare a major until their sophomore year, and even then the option to change their major is still available so take your time. Start exploring your options early on in your first year by visiting the Career Center.

The Westfield State Career Center is where you’ll find information on job fairs, mentorship programs, internships and more that can connect you with the right people and the right degree program. It’s also a place where you can turn to for advice and guidance. The Career Center offers tutorials to help you figure out how your values, interests and passions can be turned into a career and from there, a major.

Find out more about the resources available to you at the Career Center.

Westfield's peer advisors are here for you

You can also seek help from a department head or academic advisor. This is a great way to gain further insights into a field and get firsthand expertise from someone who has already been in your shoes. Advisors can help you determine what courses would be the best fit for a potential program, how to connect with faculty members and any professional/alumni organizations to research.

Set up an appointment academic advising today.

Remember, once you have decided upon a major, that doesn’t mean you have to stick to one single field. Westfield State offers 28 majors to choose from and within each major are different concentrations. That means two different students can have the same major, but their degree will focus on two separate themes. This also means that their classes and experiences will be different. And that is really what choosing a major is all about: experiences. Your experiences both inside and outside the classroom will help to determine your career path and what your life after Westfield will be like. These experiences are shaped by your major and the interactions you have with other students and faculty members within your department. It can help you secure a coveted internship or set you up with a professional network after college. The team at Westfield State is ready to help you whenever you’re ready to get started.

How to choose the right college

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