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Welcome To Westfield State University…Now What?

Posted by Kelly Hart on Aug 5, 2017 11:00:00 AM
Kelly Hart

fall is coming it's time for school

Fall is almost here and that means a whole new semester, and if you’re a first year student at Westfield State, it means an entirely new beginning. So, other than figuring out where your classes are and how to organize a dorm room, what is the “have to know” advice for incoming students? Read on to find out our top tips straight from campus.

  1. Take it from other students who have been in your shoes before. Whether it’s to get involved early on, connect with your professors or just be yourself, the Westfield State upperclassmen have plenty of great advice for incoming students. Watch for yourself and take in a few words of wisdom from your fellow students.

  2. “You’re never bored but you’re also never lonely.” There’s a lot to love about Westfield State from the classes to the campus. Find out what other students are most excited about coming back to this fall.

  3. Now that you’ve visited Westfield State for the first time, you might have a lot on your mind. You could be feeling a little overwhelmed, really excited or even both! You’re not alone. Living on campus can be a life-changing event, so it’s important that you hear what other students are saying about their first visit to Westfield State.

  4. Everybody has a favorite hangout. That one place on campus where you can always find them studying, working or just having fun with their friends. For some students it’s the Green, for other’s the Ely Library. Wherever you decide to spend your time at Westfield State you can bet you’ll always see another friendly and familiar face.

Although graduation might seem like a lifetime away, it’s important to remember that your time spent at Westfield State is all about putting yourself on the path to success. All of your hard work in and out of the classroom is meant to give you the right tools to help get you where you want. But you might not know exactly where that it just yet. And that’s ok. You’ll have four years to figure it out and plenty of help along the way. Just like there isn’t one degree program for every student, there isn’t one career path. Find out what other students just like you are working towards.

How to choose the right college

Your time at Westfield State is just beginning. The next four years are going to fly by so make the most of out of it. We’ll be here to watch you learn, grow and succeed the entire way.

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