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To Roommate or Not to Roommate? Reviewing Your Housing Options

Posted by Kelly Hart on Aug 21, 2018 11:09:00 AM
Kelly Hart

figuring out logistics, on campus or off, roommates or no?

Moving off to college is a major transition. It’s an exciting time in your life. Once you’re ready to tackle the reality of starting your education, you’ll have to figure out some logistics. Housing falls under that umbrella, and you have a number of options. You can choose to live on campus or off, opt for roommates, or look for a single. First off, let’s review your options and some of the considerations at play.

Our Facilities

Westfield offers guaranteed housing to incoming students who file on time.  As a freshman, your housing options will be limited to the traditional residence halls, whereas sophomores and above can opt to live in apartment/suite-style residences. The halls offer options for single, double, triple and quad room types, all of which come with a microfridge. Westfield residence halls are also equipped with lounge areas and directors who maintain the housing facilities.

living with roommates makes things cheaper

Cost & Convenience

One big plus of living on-campus with roommates is that it saves money; another is that it makes getting to class easy. Living alone is expensive, especially if you go off-campus. If you do go off-campus, you also have to figure out a way to get to and from campus. It’s kind of hard to beat the convenience of rolling out of bed and heading straight to your first morning class. (Just don’t be that one kid who shows up to lecture hall twenty minutes late in his PJs.)

Campus Culture

Your studies are your first priority as an incoming student, but your education extends outside the classroom as well. Your time at Westfield is an opportunity to grow as a person. Much of what you learn will be from connecting with other students and organizations. Living on campus gives you easy access to student culture, so it’s an opportunity to become part of our community.

How to choose the right college

Learning & Growth

We highly recommend that incoming students live on campus with roommates. On-campus students have higher graduation rates. They also report being happier with their overall college experiences. Part of this is that you’re sharing a major transition in your life with some fellow students. Living around your peers, especially in your first year, is a great opportunity to make lasting friendships while taking in everything your campus has to offer.

finding quiet time in the lounge on campus

This is an opportunity for growth. You and your roommates will have different habits, schedules, and stories. Part of living together is learning about compromise, respect, and coexistence. These are invaluable principles to take with you throughout your personal and professional life.

If you can’t live without privacy for some reason, bunking up with roommates may not be for you. Otherwise, we advise our incoming students to take in everything they can by living on campus with roomies.

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