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The Washington Center Internship Program

Posted by Amanda Thibodeau on Nov 8, 2016 1:44:16 PM

Amanda in Washington

Your college search is always a difficult process. Very rarely do individuals know exactly where they’d like to go and what they want to do. The pressure is high and the clock is ticking; but in the end it comes down to what will make you happy in the next two to four years to come.

As for me, Westfield State University is the place that has provided me with that happiness and opportunity in the past four years. From my first day, my professors made it very clear that this school is a place for not only educational but personal growth. The staff and administration works for you to better develop students into the professionals that they wish to become. My advisor guided me through countless registration processes as well as through the process of discussing plans for after graduation. He advised me about the various routes that I could possibly take following my collegiate career and made it clear that he would always be available for consultation in the years to come.

When it comes education, Westfield State University has proven time and time again that the classes offered here are specifically designed to fit your needs and interests. Throughout my Criminal Justice career at Westfield I have been provided with many opportunities to enroll in various classes that cover all of my areas of interest. The professors are passionate and they encourage you to branch out and explore other areas of interest in order to solidify the educational path that you have chosen. I have experienced this in my Criminal Justice career and I have met so many other students in areas such as business management, social work, and early education.

Experience, experience, experience! This is one area in particular where Westfield State offers so much to students. Internships are a part of the educational process that professors and advisors love to provide for students. In my case, our school’s liaison led me to The Washington Center Internship Program. This program allowed me to search through the many internship opportunities that are available in Washington D.C. and choose one that fits my needs and interests for my professional career path.

As I write this blog, I am sitting in my Washington D.C. apartment which is only minutes from the Capitol, The White House, and countless other landmarks. My internship has given me so many skills that I can use in my future professional career and has also allowed me to meet important people who have valuable advice to offer. The opportunities for networking are endless in D.C., not only through an internship but also through The Washington Center staff and people that you meet in the city. Through any internship you will meet countless people who can be valuable assets when it comes to future choices in education as well as career choices.

Overall, my choice to come to Westfield State University has proven to have been the right choice, time and time again. As I said before, the process is stressful and difficult. So take your time, review your choices, and ultimately do what will make you happy. Make the choice that will be beneficial to your interests and your education. A college or university is the perfect place to find yourself, and Westfield State University was the place where I discovered who I want to be.

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