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Live Your Dream: Study Abroad Options for World Education

Posted by Kelly Hart on Sep 20, 2018 11:17:00 AM
Kelly Hart

study abroad in Beijing, China with Westfield's exchange program

One of the most exciting possibilities open to students at Westfield is the chance to study abroad. Students can spend weeks, months, or even a full year in a different country where they can earn college credit, increase their intercultural understanding, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

To that end, let’s review the benefits of studying abroad through Westfield and the programs our students can choose from.

Why study abroad?

Because it’s awesome. Why wouldn’t you want to study abroad? 

College is all about continuing your education, broadening your mind, learning new things, and gaining perspectives that give you a better understanding of the world. Just listen to Mark Twain wax about the benefits of travel in his book “The Innocents Abroad”:

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness […] Broad, wholesome, charitable views of [people] and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one's lifetime.”

But studying abroad isn’t just about getting a fresh perspective on life. It has plenty of other great things going for it:

  • Naturally, a better understanding of global issues and different cultures
  • The potential to learn a new language by immersing yourself in the culture
  • Meeting new people from completely different walks of life
  • Increased hireability—studying abroad looks great on a résumé!
  • It’s a life-changing opportunity that can’t be found elsewhere

And best of all, Westfield offers plenty of study abroad opportunities for students who want to expand their horizons.

Study Abroad at Westfield

If you’re interested in studying abroad through Westfield, you came to the right place. Here’s a rundown of our international education options.

short-term study environmental biology or science in Costa Rica

Short-Term Study Abroad

Offered during each year’s semester breaks (January and May), the short-term study abroad program is the premier international education program offered at Westfield. These 2-3 week courses are perfect for students who want to get a taste of international travel but don’t want to commit to an entire semester.

The 2018 short-term study abroad options include the following classes.

Winter Session

  • Environmental Biology – Costa Rica
  • Environmental Science – Costa Rica
  • Global Service Learning Project – Nicaragua
  • Civic Engagement and Language Immersion – Puerto Rico

Spring Session

  • Community Health Nursing or Nursing Capstone – Guatemala
  • Concert choir ensemble – Italy

Summer Session

  • Intercultural and Tropical Ecology Experience for Educators – Costa Rica

Plus, our own instructors accompany students on these courses, providing a truly comprehensive and insightful experience. Learn more about these programs here!

How to choose the right college

Exchange Programs

For students interested in getting a deeper international experience, Westfield has partnerships with universities across the world. These arrangements are semester-long commitments in which students pay the same tuition to Westfield that they’d pay here at home, while covering costs of room and board on their own.

  • Beijing, China – Capital Normal University
  • Zhuhai, China – United International College
  • Krosno, Poland – Krosno State College
  • Wilhemshaven, Germany – Jade University
  • Istanbul, Turkey – University of the Bosphorus
  • Tokyo, Japan – Hosei University

study abroad in Ireland with Westfield's direct-enroll programs

Direct-Enroll Programs

For students interested in enrolling in international universities directly, Westfield has agreements with the following institutions that give our students preferential rates and support:

  • Dublin, Ireland – Dublin Business School
  • Silgo, Ireland – The Institute of Technology
  • Ormskirk, England – Edge Hill University
  • Florence, Italy – Florence University of the Arts

National Student Exchange Program

The Westfield National Student Exchange (NSE) program gives students the chance to spend either a semester or full year at one of nearly 200 different NSE-affiliated universities in the following areas:

  • United States
  • Canada
  • Guam
  • Puerto Rico
  • S. Virgin Islands

Tuition rates for these programs are consistent with either the home or host schools’ in-state tuition rates. Click here to get more details!

Other Study Abroad Options

Westfield students may also study abroad through these affiliated programs:

  • Academic Programs International
  • American Institute for Foreign Study
  • Center for International Studies
  • College Consortium for International Studies
  • Council for International Educational Exchange
  • The Education Abroad Network
  • Global Semesters
  • GlobalLinks Abroad
  • Master's Degree Programs in English around the world

For more details about Westfield’s international education options and links to the resources you’ll need to get started, visit our Study Abroad page. Students can also visit the Westfield Career Center and speak with our advisors about international travel options.

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