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Posted by Kelly Hart on Apr 5, 2017 4:51:00 PM
Kelly Hart

Westfield State is more than just a school. We’re a community of students, faculty and staff dedicated to creating the best college experience for everyone. That includes keeping all women and men safe from sexual assault on campus. This is more than a promise. It’s a pledge that starts with our president and flows down to each and every student. It’s On Us to take a stand. And it starts on day one.

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Freshmen orientation is a time to make new friends and learn your way around campus. It’s also when students get their first introduction to sexual assault prevention training. According to Outreach Counselor Julia Nedry, students are split up into small groups where they learn the basics of consent, act through scenarios and most importantly, are given bystander intervention training. Every student is equipped with the tools they need to help their peers and potentially prevent an assault from occurring.

But it doesn’t stop there. The students at Westfield State are action-oriented, and in response to campus assaults across the country, formed the Revolution Against Campus Sexual Assault. Any student can join the group and help educate and inform others about sexual assault prevention and awareness. The group hosts fundraisers, sporting events and bake sales to spread their message around campus.

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Learn more about the Revolution and how you can join their
efforts to create a safer environment for everyone here.

Westfield’s athletic teams are also leading the way in sexual assault awareness. Each team works with Larry Johnson, the Director of Non-Discrimination Compliance, to learn more about spotting the signs of a potential threat. Bystander intervention remains the most important factor in preventing an assault on campus. Watch as student athletics, coaches, and athletic directors take the pledge to not only prevent sexual violence, but to support survivors in this “It’s On Us” video. 

Part of Westfield’s pledge is to also establish an environment where survivors of assault feel comfortable reporting a crime. At this year’s Fresh Check Day, students were encouraged to write letters of support to survivors across the country and learn more about counseling services offers on campus. There’s also the student-led “It’s What You Do” poster campaign promoting bystander intervention. Students can check out the signs and learn more about the basics of stopping an assault before it happens.

Ending sexual assault on campus begins with each of us. In our school community, everyone is responsible for creating a safe and supportive environment. It’s On Us to stand up and step in whenever possible. 

Learn more about campus safety here.

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