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Change the World One Good Deed at a Time - The Peace Corps

Written by Kelly Hart | Sep 6, 2017 4:48:00 PM

Have you ever wanted to see the world while helping to make a difference? Well, now you can while earning your degree with Westfield State University. The Peace Corps Prep program launches in the Fall 2017 Semester and is helping to promote peace, service and friendship throughout the world.

First things first: What is the Peace Corps Prep program and how do you apply? The PC program was designed to create a community of students and faculty interested in global issues and service. They’re looking for travelers, communicators, educators and volunteers who are ready to help spread the Peace Corps’ mission of peaceful service. And any student can apply. The program is open to all Westfield State students in good academic standing of any grade level.

So what will you learn? Although the PC program is officially part of the Political Science Department, students from any major can apply and the required coursework is already part of most degree programs. There are specific requirements that students must meet though: 3 courses in one of the Peace Corps work areas, at least 50 volunteer hours, 2 years of a foreign language and completing a professional development course. 

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The PC Program work areas include Education, Health, Environment, Youth in Development, and Community Economic Development. Students can pick from three specific courses within each area and can find service projects ranging from building homes and teaching at-risk youth to work as a health counselor or HIV/AIDs outreach advocate.

The Peace Corps Prep program is ideal for students hoping to work internationally or join the Corps after graduation. Although the program doesn’t come with a degree, the Peace Corps will award each student who completes the program an official Certificate of Completion. This certificate and the specially designed curriculum will prepare any student for work with the Corps or any other international organization. 

The Peace Corps Prep program launches this fall and is currently taking applications. Visit the programs site to apply online and find out more information about the Peace Corps.

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