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A Look At The Westfield State Experience: Third Year

Posted by Kelly Hart on Apr 1, 2017 11:03:00 AM
Kelly Hart

Student researchers at Westfield State

Year three. You’re almost in the home stretch—you’re so close to graduation you can taste it. It can be easy to get complacent during your Third Year at college. You’ve made plenty of friends, connected with faculty and have a plan for the future. But now is not the time for rest. This is the time to make sure you're getting the most out of college! Put everything you’ve learned in the past two years to the test and go beyond any limitations you think you have. Get ready, because Year Three at Westfield State is about to break every boundary you’ve ever set.

Take Off - Traveling the world can seem like an impossible dream for some students, but not at Westfield State. The Study Abroad program allows students to visit over 35 different countries around the globe all while earning credit towards their degree program. Not interested in going away for too long? No problem. Students can spend as little or as much time as they want abroad with programs spanning two weeks to a year. Before you pack your bags, learn more about the Study Abroad program here.

Check out these helpful tips and information about
Westfield State’s International Programs.

The Real World - Get a taste of what life will be like after college with an internship. This is your chance to apply everything you’ve learned in the classroom to the career world while hopefully making connections with a potential employer. There are currently over 300 local businesses, schools and organizations that employ at least one intern from Westfield State. If you aren’t sure where to look for an internship or even how to start, make an appointment with the Career Center. They can help you find a program that works with your major.

Interning is great way to not only earn credit outside of the classroom, but also expand your network. You’ll work alongside established professionals and gain firsthand knowledge about your future career and the requirements of the related jobs. Interning will help you learn a lot about your field, but even more about yourself as a future employee.

Great Opportunity through Westfield internships

Find further information about Westfield's internship options.

Outside the Classroom - Take your studies a step further with the Center for Undergraduate Research & Creative Activity (CURCA). What exactly does that mean? For some students, it can mean acting as a representative at the Model United Nations or presenting a paper at a research convention. Undergraduate Research & Creative Activity allows students to connect with faculty, apply their studies to real world scenarios and branch out of their day-to-day student life. Students can also apply for funding to pay for their travel, research and more while working with CURCA.

Learn more about CURCA and upcoming Research & Creative
opportunities you can take advantage of here.

Time Out - Between balancing school, interning and a social life, it can be hard to make time for yourself. Don’t let yourself get burnt out during your Third Year. Instead, make a point of scheduling some much needed “me time.” That can mean working out at the Ely or Woodward Fitness Center twice a week in the afternoons or visiting a gallery with the Art Club. Watch how one student followed her passion for dance while achieving her academic goals in mathematics.



Year Three is your chance to really go the extra mile. Push yourself outside of your comfort zone now, so later on you can look back and say, “I’m so happy I did that!”

Want to dig deeper? Learn even more about the Westfield State Experience and what to expect during your Third Year here.

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