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A Look at the Westfield State Experience: Second Year

Posted by Kelly Hart on Mar 31, 2017 11:02:00 AM
Kelly Hart

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So, you’ve made it through your first year and now you’ve got this whole “college thing” down, right? Well, it can certainly feel that way. But your Second Year is the time to challenge yourself. It’s the time to start focusing on new opportunities to learn and grow as a student and as an individual. Read on for our guide to making the most out of this year at Westfield State University.

Volunteering & Service Learning- Community service is a great way to not only help out some local charities and organizations, but also for you to connect with your passions. One great way to do this is by researching groups associated with your major and offering to help out after classes or heading out for a service-learning trip with other students. You’ll earn hands-on experience in your field while providing a helpful and much-needed service. Hopefully, you’ll make some valuable connections for after college, too. Watch how service learning made an impact on these students' lives and futures. 

Get Active - Now that you’ve settled into your classes and have (hopefully!) achieved some school/life balance, try expanding your social circle and join an athletic team or club. There are dozens of options to choose from at Westfield State and there is literally something for every student. Theater buffs can join the film club or even the Student Theater Association. Sports fan can sign up for an intramural team. There’s even a poetry team if you’re interested in spoken word. Take a look at the over 70 clubs, teams and organizations on campus.

Take Control - Your Second Year at college is a time of reflection. It’s about taking stock of the academic choices you’ve made and figuring out how to move forward in your degree, and eventually your career. Make an appointment at the Academic Advising Center to speak with a counselor about choosing your major or pick out an internship with help from the Career Center. You might want to go a step further and really immerse yourself in your field by requesting a spot in a Living Learning Community. These are residential halls populated by students who share the same interests, values, and even the same degree programs.

Stand Out - This is the year when you should start making a name for yourself on campus. Make new connections and challenge yourself. Break out of your comfort zone and host a roundtable discussion between students and faculty members about campus issues, form a student organization to rally around causes in your area, or face your fear of public speaking by trying out for a play with the Theater Club. There’s plenty of fun and lighthearted ways to make yourself known in the Westfield State community, too. Check out how a few students did just that with the Mr. Westfield pageant. 

Your Second Year is when you begin to change into the person you want to be; when your college experiences start shaping your beliefs and outlook. Don’t sit on the sidelines this year, get out there and make your voice heard.

Take control of your college experience and learn even more about the Second Year experience at Westfield State University.

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