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Studying Abroad - Your Ticket To Higher Learning

Posted by Kelly Hart on Mar 3, 2017 6:40:00 PM



Traveling abroad can seem impossible for some students; taking time off from school, paying for hotels, being alone in a foreign country. But for other students, the world becomes their classroom. If you are interested, studying abroad can really enhance your education. Read on for our tips on Studying Abroad with Westfield State University.
  1. It’s Not Where You Go, But How Long You Go - Westfield State University offers students interested in studying abroad the option of traveling for two weeks or an entire semester. Most students choose the two-week route during a break in the school year. These options allow students to focus on one specific study or field, like Concert Choir in Italy or Service Learning in Nicaragua. Bet you didn’t even know those were an option, right?

  2. Know Your Program - If you decide to ship out for an entire semester, you’ll have four options to choose from: Westfield Exchange, Direct Enroll, National Student Exchange, and programs through third party providers. Figuring out where you want to study will help you decide which option to choose. For example, students interested in studying in Germany or China should look at the Westfield Exchange program, but students looking to stay within the Continental United States should research options within the NSE. Some of these options have different rates and fees different from Westfield, so make sure you check before making a commitment.

  3. Yes, You Still Have To Go To Class - While it may seem like an extended vacation to some, study abroad students are still working towards earning their degree. They still have assignments to complete, tests to take, and some might even have actual classrooms to visit. Before any student takes off, all of their coursework will be pre-approved and integrated into their degree program.

  4. Ask For Help - Sure, you might have your heart set on studying in Paris, but figuring out how to get there is another thing. Students should start their study abroad journey with a trip to the office of International Programs and Student Exchanges in the Parenzo Hall Lobby. There, counselors can help you figure out a destination, program to follow, and most importantly, a budget.

  5. Orientation - Westfield holds a “pre-departure” orientation for every student. This covers everything from what to pack, safety concerns, registration and culture shock. Go to this. Repeat: DO NOT MISS THIS ORIENTATION. In fact, take notes.

  6. You’ve Got Mail - Once you’re abroad, it can seem pretty tempting to just disconnect, technologically speaking, anyway. However, that can lead to some disastrous consequences. Students should always keep their emails clear and open and try to connect to the Internet whenever possible in case of emergencies, changes to the program or Visa status.


Studying abroad can be a life-changing experience. You’ll meet new people, visit foreign places and experience ways of life you might not have even known were possible. This is the time to get out and see the world; let it change you just as much as you wish to change it.

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