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Major Dilemma: Choosing the Right Degree Path for You

Posted by Kelly Hart on Mar 4, 2017 2:42:00 PM

What degree is right?

We get it. Choosing a major can seem impossible; especially if you’re unsure about what career you want. But picking a major doesn’t mean you’re stuck. Often times, one major can you lead you down multiple career paths. At Westfield, our career counselors can help you choose the right degree for you.

“We try to connect students with a major that specifically works with who they are,” says Junior Delgado, Director of Career Center & Employee Relations. “It’s about their personality and who they are.”

Delgado and his team take an individual approach to student needs. The focus is on supplying every student with the right resources to meet their specific career goals. For example, a student interested in social work could major in Criminal Justice even though they don’t want to work in law enforcement.

Don’t think “major first, then career.” Figure out what you want to do and then find a major to fit. So how do you figure out what you want to do with the rest of your life? Well for starters, there’s a test for that.

It’s called the Focus II test and career counselors use it to discover a student’s strengths, interests and needs. Think of it as Myers Briggs test for the job world. Based on those answers, a counselor can help map out a degree path.

Westfiled career center

The career center also has ways to help students who’ve already chosen a career. The center uses occupational outlook information put out by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics to show a career’s projected growth, income and current competition to help them make a better and more informed choice for the future.

“We want to present students with all of the information we can to help,” says Delgado.

Delgado has a tip that may come as a surprise to some students: don’t rule anything out, even a change of heart.

“We start to see a shift in senior year. Students that originally only wanted a job where they would make a lot of money come to us and say they want to be able to give back and make a difference. The reverse is also true. Students that only wanted to do charitable work then realize they need to be able to making a living, also.”

How to choose the right college.


It doesn’t matter if you already have a career in mind or not. You should always think of your major, and your college years, as a lens; you choose the focus.



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