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Helena Rheault

I am a biology enthusiast with passions for wildlife, travel, and being outdoors. I'm an avid nature photographer with other hobbies such as hiking, kayaking, soccer, DIY projects, and always wanting to try new things. The rest of my time is usually spent by working part time as a bartender and as a secretary for a car dealership.

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My First Safari - Studying Abroad in Tanzania

Posted by Helena Rheault on Nov 23, 2016 12:46:49 PM

This past Wednesday was finally our first day in one of the parks looking for wildlife. We’ve been itching to get out of camp and go on a game drive since we got here and it was so worth the wait.

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More Traveling Lectures!

Posted by Helena Rheault on Nov 8, 2016 1:46:16 PM

 Hi all! Here’s a summary of some of my final traveling lectures for the semester! The way the program is structured is that students finish classes and exams by the first week of November, with the rest of the time being dedicated to our directed research projects. I have been quite busy and exhausted turning in my final assignments for my classes such as developing a wildlife habitat management plan from our expedition visit to the wildlife corridor, writing multiple cultural analysis essays, conducting interviews on local climate change, assessing the effectiveness of local government structure, and doing an analysis of animal count data from expedition. Sounds like I’ve been busy right? Hope you enjoy reading about my latest travelling lectures! Soon all my posts will be on directed research!

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